Acoustica 21

Acoustica 21 series is focused on presentation and promotion of acoustic art music composed after the year 2000.

2015 Season III Schedule (click on the link for details):

February 7 at 8PM: Unbound Improv Ensemble.
March 6 at 8PM: Marco Fusi, viola and Jason Calloway, cello.
May 23 at 3PM: Sarah Cahill, piano.
November 7 at 3PM:  Andy Lee, piano.
November 13 at 8PM: Mikkel Andersen, guitar.

The concerts are scheduled to occur in local galleries, museums and theaters, bringing art music to the larger community.

The fourth season will feature local, national, and international musicians performing new music for acoustic instruments and sounding objects.

Come and join us!

We welcome your suggestions and contributions.

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